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Equal Experts’ agile practitioners combine technical excellence and business pragmatism to deliver simple bespoke software solutions to big business problems. We offset delivery risk by trusting only talented, highly experienced people to employ relentless quality processes and a “zero tolerance” attitude to defects. We make heavy use of open source technology wherever possible, which dramatically lowers total cost of ownership for clients. By leading by example and grounding everything we do in concrete software deliveries, we are able to bring our experience to bear, helping large organizations through their digital transformation. Customers include Camelot and Telefonica and our software solutions underpin major initiatives such as O2’s Priority Moments customer loyalty campaign as well as myO2 self-serve capability. We are using our private sector experience to help UK government departments like HMRC and the Home Office to roll out their digital strategy. For the last three years in a row, Equal Experts has been singled out as one of UK’s fastest growing companies in the tech sector, with sales reaching £24 million in 2014. The company attributes its strong growth to a disruptive business model in technology, only employing senior consultants.