Wicked Problems in Organisational Design

Session Category :  Talk 
June 10, 2016
09:00  -  09:45

Talk 45min

Balancing deep specialism in individuals and teams against being able to prioritise effectively, balancing commitment based short term goals against feature team and open source code base, and balancing cost of delay against retraining staff to be more T-Shaped, are just a few of the trade-offs that organisation design professionals face during the reshaping of an organisation due to an Agile rollout.

Often these are the hard cultural problems that we face and without making decisions consciously, organisations will optimise around things like keeping people busy, maintaining the status quo, management empire building, and other organisational dysfunctions. Sadly, many organisations simply don’t have the skill or training to even see that these problems exist, let alone know what to do with them.

Scaling frameworks often have some of these trade-offs baked in, and the decisions have already been made for us. This is why often they are hard to implement or don’t seem to work. Only in uncovering the real trade-offs can we learn how to make it work in our context.

This presentation gives an introduction into the real-life choices from real-world experience that almost always need to be made in large scale Agile and Lean transformations.


Session Category :  Talk