From Rust to Robust-From Iron To Agile Triangle

Session Category :  Talk 
June 10, 2016
14:15  -  15:00

Talk 50min

The traditional success criteria for project management is how well the ‘Iron’ Triangle i.e. the constraints of scope, time and cost are managed-if you satisfy 2 of the 3 constraints, the project is deemed a success. However, in an environment where the business is clamoring for Value, merely managing the constraints cannot be the sole criteria for the successful outcome of the project.

The Agile Triangle, on the other hand, not only recognizes the Constraints but also explicitly recognizes Value and Quality as additional criteria to be satisfied.

The Speaker will highlight the challenges and limitations of the Iron Triangle, explain how the Agile Triangle is a better alternative in terms of not only mastering the Constraints, but also delivering highest Value without compromising on Quality. The Speaker will demonstrate the concept of ‘Speed to Value’ by having few participants perform the ‘Coin Exercise’.



Session Category :  Talk