Agile in a Bag London

Friday 10th June 2016

What to Expect

Together we had a nice trip to a land of agile projects and met deadlines, where customer feedback is embraced and customers are delighted. We have provisioned a bag full of agile experiences and practical takeaways. We packed for you:

  • Workshops to help you understand how agile works.
  • Interesting presentations explaining agile ideas.
  • A lot of good cheer to meet other like-minded people.

Our Principles

Agile in a Bag is all you need to have a great and productive day. Focus on practice, we've packed the day full with workshops (2 tracks) and talks (1 track). We spiced it with some open space discussions and a networking lunch. We'll be discussing:

  • Fundamentals of agile methodologies.
  • Tools and best practices.
  • How to apply this knowledge to make your projects successful.

Sign Up & Keep Informed!

Agile in a Bag is back in London the Friday 10th of June 2016.

The program will be released in April, the registration is already open with some Early Bird Tickets:

Agile in Bag 2016 Registration